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2. I …………… a boy. 3. She …………… working on her computer.

Am sentences

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Am, is or are in sentences worksheets. Grade 1 vocabulary worksheets on understanding the difference between am, is and are. Free pdf worksheets from K5  The verb be in English - am, are, is - Simple Present - Online Exercise. Task No .

I form of be: 2.

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Airmail. (abbreviation) Synonymous with ASK (Amplitude Shift Keying).A signal modulation technique in which the amplitude of the analog carrier sine wave is modulated to represent one or more 1 bits or 0 bits.


Am sentences

What ……… …… you doing at 7'O clock in the morning?

I am not a teacher. I am a teacher, too. I am engaged to her. I am going to study. I am very dangerous. What am I to do now?
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6. You would use “am” in three different ways. The first way is “am” before a verb.

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Look at these examples. I am used to hard work. I am used to working hard.

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6. Worksheets: practice am, is or are. The forms of 'to be' in present tense can perplex younger students.

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Is: We use ‘is’ when referring to someone or something (in the singular).

Now, Bildad, I am sorry to say, had the reputation of being an incorrigible old hunks, and in his sea-going days, a bitter, hard task-master. The usage of ‘is am are’ is an important grammatical concept once children begin forming sentences. For a detailed lesson and Pack 1 of ‘ is am are sentences ‘, click here.